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Generacja Set II

Thanks to us Your company may be open 24 hours a day, just when you rest. When you buy the Generacja Set II you make another step on the way to broadening your presence in the network. In the set we offer among others unlimited number of accounts, advanced version of the Internet shop and the possibility of individual account setting up and configuration. Our offer will help You to face up new, receptive, but at the same time more demanding sale market in the whole world. It is generally known, that the effectiveness of advertisement increases proportionally to the number of people to whom it gets. Therefore, knowing that the Internet became as popular medium as television in our times, it is worth being on time and invest in it.

NOTE: For each account access to Account Management System*

Generacja Set II - set for the most demanding


Place for websites in client's domain or subdomain with the limit of 100 MB (parameters)


In the set unlimited number of e-mail acounts with the capacity 200 MB together (parameters)

Extras (included in price)

  • the access to the Account Management System*
  • access to relational database SQL (MySQL)
  • PostgreSQL relational database access - 100 PLN a year
  • set of basic scripts and programs CGI (counter, guest book, subscription)
  • unlimited number of aliases (for e-mail accounts)
  • unlimited number of "ghost" accounts with right control for all accounts
  • advanced visiting ratings of the website
  • unlimited number of e-mail accounts, individually set up by the user
  • antivirus filter updated every 2 hours
Extras (payable)
  • interface activated under MS Win for Internet shop handling - 100 PLN/month

subscription net price price / m discount in %** saving** installation  
quarterly 150,00 PLN 50,00 PLN 0 % 0 PLN 49,00 PLN order
yearly 520,00 PLN 43,33 PLN 13,33 % 80+49(inst)=129,00 PLN 0,00 PLN order
two-year 940,00 PLN 39,17 PLN 27,66 % 260+49(inst)=309,00 PLN 0,00 PLN order
five-year 1880,00 PLN 31,33 PLN 59,57 % 1120+49(inst)=1169,00 PLN !!! 0,00 PLN order

*) Account Management System - enables the configuration of almost all parameters of bought e-mail accounts, WWW, SQL, banner exchange system and other

**) With respect to quarterly subscription